Doug Laird for Payson Mayor


I stand strong for the preservation of our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  These must be upheld and enforced at all cost. The Government does not give us “our rights”, God does and we don’t need permission from the Government to exercise those rights. The Constitution gives the government limited powers and the people are sovereign. I will support local business, encourage border security, honor our Veterans and Seniors, and stand for medical freedom. For us to protect our First Amendment rights, we must preserve our Second Amendment rights.  In order to accomplish all of this, we must demand free, fair and secure elections. Our beautiful town must have a viable evacuation route and firewising must be executed immediately. Vote for me and together we will MAKE PAYSON GREAT AGAIN!
Doug Laird


  • Make Payson a Destination Rather Than a Pass-through Town
  • Open ALL Town Meetings to Citizens
  • Transparency/Accountability Throughout Town Government
  • Perform a Forensic Audit of the Town Government
  • ALL Budgets/Grants/Contracts Shall Be Open for Public Review
  • Create a Business Incubator to Attract Clean High Tech Businesses
  • Maintain and Improve Existing Infrastructure
  • Collaborate & Publish Evacuation and Emergency Plans Including Green Valley Parkway Route
  • Establish an Improved Firewise Plan

Transparency. Accountability. For the People. Elect Doug Laird for Payson Mayor


Hi. My name is Douglas Laird and I’m running for mayor of the greatest little town in the west…Payson, Arizona. Please let me tell you a little about me.

I spent the first 17 years of my life in Phoenix where I was born. Those were enjoyable years. School. Sports. Fishing. Camping. Hunting. Team roping. Life was simple, active and enjoyable. Then in the summer of 1972 prior to beginning my senior year of high school, my dad informed me that we were moving to Payson. He said that he had bought the Rainbow Bread franchise there. During the ensuing years mom helped dad and became known as the prettiest bread lady ever. I enrolled at Payson High School and became a Longhorn. I played football too. In those days pretty much the whole town would shut down for home games. I graduated in 1973 and a year later I headed to phoenix to work and go to college. 

All through those years dad was teaching me about work ethics which served me well both in sports and my career. Dad would say, work hard, increase your value to your employer and usually good things will come your way.

Mayor Candidate - Doug Laird

A Candidate with a Strong Work Ethic

My work ethic caught the attention of John Deere.  They offered me a job and I was a valued employee there for 25 years. And in that time, each year I was valued more than the year before. Remember that work ethic I was taught? I did sales, engineering field trials of prototypes and basically making farming more profitable for the farmers I served. I had found the love of my life at John Deere. It was not just the product but even more so, the people. People who were CEO’s of farming operations worth 100’s of millions and also mechanics and ranch foreman and field laborers. My conclusion during those years was that people are people, all the way from the guy on the shovel to the guy in the boardroom. I helped bring people together to make better decisions for their farm and, consequently, their families.

A Family Man

I retired in 2017 to come back home to Payson to take care of my mom. My dad had passed away that year and it would not be good for mom to be alone. I had a choice to make, put mom in a care facility or leave John Deere and take care of mom. I sold my home in Bakersfield, California and moved to my beloved Arizona, back to my favorite town of Payson.

I spent the next three years taking care of mom with the help of two angels that were at the right place at the right time. Those years taught me much about the needs of senior citizens. Mom passed in 2020 and I can now chart my life freely.

Why Doug is Running for Mayor

In the recent past, I was approached by several people to run for mayor. I don’t take this honor lightly so after many days of serious consideration and hours of prayer, I agreed.  

Now you might be asking yourself what do I bring to the table? I have over 45 years in the private sector starting when I was 13 with a paper route. I want to bring all that experience and vision to help make Payson the best it can be. I have never run for politics before or ever even considered running for office until recently. I will bring private sector practices to the office of the mayor. I have been responsible for setting goals and accomplishing said goals. That often meant pulling many people together with different viewpoints to accomplish a singular goal. It’s not always easy but that’s something I have accomplished many times over my career. I am bold and confident and will bring factions within our government together.

Doug Laird with Candidates for Payson Council
doug laird with payson voters

“Together with my team, Steve Otto and Jim Ferris, I want to make Payson a destination rather than a pass-through town. I want transparency and accountability from those we have voted into office. And I want to do a forensic audit of the town’s finances. Let’s find out where the money comes from and where it is going. I’ll share that information with you. That’s what transparency is all about.

Finally, it’s about bringing the governance of the town back to the citizens where it should reside. I’m Doug Laird and I hope I can earn your vote for Mayor of Payson.” 

– Doug Laird